Kona-kun (konart) wrote,

Просто так: магновое.

О манге, которую я упомянул когда-то в теме про возобновление Black Lagoon:

Оригинал взят у rotten_k в Просто так: магновое.
Хороший человек mahe ала наводку на подробности новой манги дорогого нашего Расэндзина "Taihou to Stamp", которую - ура-ура - переводят:

The story is set in an alternate world with 20th century-like technology, during a great war between the alliance of the Grand Duchy (Russia that never formed) and the Empire (Poland-Lithuania that never fell into ruin) on one side, and the Republic (the Ottoman Empire that never fell apart) on the other.

Lieutenant Martina M. Mayakovskaya is a new officer in the Grand Duchy Logistics Corps. It's a branch of the armed forces responsible for transportation and supply that is looked down upon by the rest of the military as "paper soldiers". Martina's assignment is supposed to be a comfortable desk job dealing with stamping paperwork, but for some reason wherever she goes, she ends up in the middle of combat. Also, what's that eight-legged pseudoweasel that she adopted as a pet (or it adopted her?), and is it just a coincidence that it seems to be saving her from harm every time?


Прекрасно тут решительно всё. И лейтенант Мартина Маяковская, и место её службы, и альтернативно-исторический сеттинг, и танк "Добрыня Никитич" - это полный, безоговорочный восторг.

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