October 18th, 2006


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ЦСКА выйграл у Арсенала!   Охренеть ......

я рад....

нах контрольные по физике диф.урам.

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VideoGet v1.0

VideoGet - универсальная программа по закачке видеофайлов с вебсайтов. VideoGet позволяет Вам загружать видео непосредственно на ваш компьютер и автоматически преобразовывать в разнообразные видеоформаты (avi, mpg, flv, mp4).

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* Downloads video from many online video websites. Click here to see full list of supported websites
* Converts video to variety of video formats (*.AVI, *.MPG, *.FLV, *.MP4)
* Script auto-updater allows you to be always in touch with latest version
* Download works through WinInet API, which is used by Internet Explorer, allows easy and fast download of Flash movies
* Allows to download in batch mode with ability to save / load batch
* Automatically detects which online video service you are attempting to download from
* Ability to setup width / height of encoding video
* Ability to setup video / audio quality of encoding video
* Small and compact
* Designed with "Easy-to-Use" concept in mind, extremely easy to use
* Works on Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 Server.
* Works with all types of Internet connection
* Unlimited lifetime technical support
* Unlimited lifetime upgrades



Pass: www.soft-commander.net
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